THE ELIXIR¬† is now available at all CENTRALBOOKS STORE.¬† Get your copy at Central Book Store, 5th Floor Mega Mall, Central Books Glorietta, Central Books Ever Gotesco and Central Books Publishing at Phoenix Building, Quezon Avenue. It is also available at St. Luke’s Medical Center Medical Arts Building Room 202.


14-year-old Angeli Dumatol debuts with her first novel, The Elixir. The young adult fantasy novel centers on Michael, a fine and talented lad from the small village of Odessa, and his long journey towards embracing his true destiny – to be the Elixir Rune Master, the one to save the kingdom from the hands of the evil vampire lord, Balas. The Elixir provides action, magic, adventure and more, and is surely a fun read for those who love fantasy and even those who don’t!